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All the birds that are in our team (excluding rescue birds) are captive bred. This means that the birds are not from the wild, they are all bred in aviaries with captive bred parents. They will always be in captivity and never released, this would be unfair as they have never experienced wild life, and they would not last very long.

Libby – African Spotted Eagle Owl (Bubo Africanus) 2009

Libby joined us in 2011, going on to start KL Falconry in 2012 alongside Tilly and a few other team members. She is well loved for her stubbornness on our Owl Encounters and KL Falconry Experience days.

Tilly – Common Barn Owl (Tyto Alba) 2003

Tilly was the first ever member of KL Falconry, starting Kira's passion for falconry, birds of prey and owls in 2007. She is the well known and loved by all of our customers having the pleasure to meet and fly her.

Kobie - Harris Hawk (parabuteo unicinctus) 2008

Kobie has been a part of our team since 2013, he provides our Hawk Walks and Hunting days throughout the winter months. A real character in our team.

Herby – Asian Brown Wood Owl (Strix Leptogrammica) 2011

Herby joined our team in 2017, joining in with our *owl encounters and full falconry days* we're sure she'll become a favourite among our owls!

Geoff - Harris Hawk (parabuteo unicinctus) 2015

Geoff joined our team in June 2015, he came to us as part of our rehabilitation programme and now plays a massive part in our KL Falconry experience day and is loved by everyone who gets the pleasure of handling him.

Bungle - European Eagle Owl (bubo bubo) 2006

Bungle joined our team in 2015, and the grand old age of 10, the second oldest member of our team! He is growing to be a favourite on our Owl Encounters.

Willow - Lurcher

Willow joined our team in 2017 at just 8 weeks old, she is a real character and is already a favourite on our experience days, come along and meet her as well as the birds!

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