Welcome! I’m Kira and I’m a falconer here at KL Falconry.

Coming into falconry at the age of 10 (2004), I had found my true passion. After 4 years of training I received my first bird, Tilly the Barn Owl who is still a huge member of our team. Libby, my second bird, came to live with me in 2011 only growing my passion for feathered creatures.

Continuing to work with birds of prey, I studied animal management in college and shortly after graduating travelled to South Africa to work on a rehabilitation centre, where I decided to continue my work with birds of prey and KL Falconry was born upon my return. We had two owl chicks join the team in 2013 and helped us grow and the Owl encounter was created. Our team continues to grow, check out the our birds page and meet our team!

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About Us

Our History

Here’s a quick timeline of my journey in falconry.

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