In 2019 we attended an event at Bert’s Barrow in Hillam, the day we arrived there were 150 crows in their fields helping themselves to the strawberries and managed to destroy 4.5thousand pumpkin plants! After speaking to Charlotte and Jase (the owners) and a lot of speculation! We decided that we would start flying our birds over the fields to scare the crows away. It worked! This year, although in lock-down, me and Geoff started flying at the farm as the pumpkins were planted in the polytunnel to ensure the crows got the message before they were planted in the field. We vary our times and have even been as early as 5.30am! The crows now fly around the farm and the Strawberries and Pumpkins are safe! Ready to be picked by customers.

We also provide most of our Experience days at Bert’s. Contact us to book!